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Hello There - Greeting Cards

A beautiful greeting card organizer for iOS

Hello There is a beautiful iOS app designed to help you effortlessly sort and organize greeting cards that you receive from friends, family, co-workers or anyone. Hello There is the perfect tool for those who want to cherish the memories of their thoughtful greetings and keep them organized for future reference.

Whether you want to keep track of birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions, there’s no better app to help you stay organized. Download Hello There today and experience the joy of keeping your greeting cards organized and at your fingertips!

Hello There is ready for iOS 17 and packed with new features like E-Post, Nudges, Stickers, and lots more
E-Post - lightweight and delightful ecards that can be shared anywhere
Nudges - simple and effective notifications designed to help you never miss an event that benefits from a card, ecard, or sticker
Stickers - stickers are huge in iOS 17 and Hello There is ready! Share your favorite pixel friend from the E-Post Pixel Collection as a sticker in Messages
• Plus nearly 30 other updates available with the Fall 2023 release. Check out the App Store Page for the full change log

Introducing Sound Clips

Whether it’s a musical greeting, a card with a custom recorded message, or sound effects – it’s now insanely easy to add audio to your card entries.

• Audio card batteries don’t last very long – Sound Clips will stick around as long as you have the app
• Sound Clips are exclusive to Hello There+ users
• Sound Clips can be up to 30 seconds long
• Sound Clips are safely stored in iCloud alongside the rest of your card data and sync across devices
• Sound Clips are fully exportable for added safekeeping
• Check out the new Sound Clips custom icon now available

App Features

• Requires iOS 16.4+
• Privacy as a first class citizen
• Auto detect / crop cards when adding from the camera
• Live Text makes your cards come to life
• Sound Clips help you relive the full experience of audio cards
• Charts reveal trends and sender data
• Widgets for your home screen and lock screen
• Card Details display the card images, who sent it, when it was received, and additional details
• Hashtags let you sort cards by theme or topic
• Stickers to send quick greetings in Messages
• E-Post for sharing delightful ecards anywhere
• Nudges for never missing an important event
• Browse cards by occasion, by sender, or the entire collection by date
• Hello There Post enables users to send hand-written letters anywhere in the world
• Easy to maintain Senders list
• iCloud Sync & Backup

Plan Breakdown

Feature Free Hello There+
Unlimited cards * *
Hello There Post * *
Swift Charts * *
Live Text * *
Share individual projects * *
Multiple photos per card * (up to 2) * (up to 10)
Widgets * *
Card Stacks * *
Configurable Home View * *
Data Export * *
Stickers * *
Nudges * (up to 3) *
E-Post * (limited selection) *
Unlimited collections   *
Unlimited senders   *
Hashtags   *
Sound Clips   *
Color-matched widgets   *
Configurable Wallpaper   *
iCloud sync & backup   *
Custom icons   *
Touch ID / Face ID   *

Hello There+ offers the best user experience and is available in 3 options:

  1. Monthly Auto-Renewable Subscription
  2. Annual Auto-Renewable Subscription
  3. One-time payment for a Lifetime Subscription

App Screenshots

App Store Details

Apple App ID: 1632485298
Category: Utilities
Developer: rakTech LLC (USA)
Contact: You can contact me at or on Twitter: @hellothere_app / @thatvirtualboy